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07 Jun 2009 - MURLOC - the story

I am Murloc.  This is my story.  No one believes my story - but I hope you do.

Let me tell you about myself.  I am 23 days and 14 hours old.  I am green, have 3 toes on each foot and many spikes on my back.  I also wear brown underwear.  The alliance and the horde find me scary - I find them horrifying.  There is only one thing I treasure.  This one thing I will always carry with me - I would die without it.  It is my white flag.  Her full name is Eye Sue Render.  Sue for short.  My friends make fun of me because I carry Sue around everywhere I go.  I laugh at them when the alliance and horde slaughter them; but spare me when I wave Sue around.  Sue was indeed the only treasure I would ever need.

Let me start with the story.  I was walking around one day, looking for something to do - bored, you might say.  After hours of just walking, I ended up in front of a dark and mysterious cave.  I could feel the humidity slowly creeping all over my body - wet droplets crawling down my spikes.  The only sound was that of a torch a few yards away - cackling away at me.  A sudden draft sent chills down my spine.

I am Murloc.  Little did I know... something was stalking me.  Something behind me...

The cave looked creepy - an aura of evil intent reeking from it's mouth.  With all the courage I could summon, I took my first steps into the cave.  An adventure awaited me.  Little did I know... something was stalking me.  Something behind me...

I slowly walked down deeper into the awaiting darkness.  Tense, cautious - ready to run.  The cackling sound of the torch slowly went dimmed away.  Soon, I could only hear my own footsteps - echoing against the wet cavern walls.  Deeper and deeper I went.  Darker and darker it became.  Suddenly, I saw it.  The thing that had been following me.

My left eye popped out in shock and surprise.  I immediately knew what the "thing" was.  A small blue orb playfully danced by my side - teasing me, enticing me to come.  This was the legendary living treasure.  A treasure so rare - no living species had ever laid eyes on it.  Here I was, an arm's width away from it.  All thoughts of fear disappeared.  Only thoughts of catching this treasure filled my mind.  It was said that those who should be able to capture the living treasure would never die from thirst - the blue orb provided endless amounts of fresh pure water.  Such treasures could make any murloc rich beyond their wildest dreams. 

I gave chase.  Waving my pale Sue around.

I gave chase.  Waving my pale Sue around, my three-toed feet moving - I gave chase.  But the orb was agile, swift and cunning.  Keeping me at an arm's length away - the blue orb seduced me to come, to follow - deeper into the cave.  I obediently followed, hungry for it - desire filling my mind.  I felt like I was slowly gaining ground.  I would be able to catch the orb, become rich.

Suddenly the orb stopped.  With a ferocious battle cry that echoed off the cavern walls, I pounced.  Mmmgggrrrlll!!!


The orb calmly side-stepped me, giggling at my futile attempt.  My left eye popped out in frustration - and then I saw him.  The notorious murloc bandit Pale Blue.  A murloc so savage, he would never kill outright - but torture you for days and weeks.  So merciless - that little children would cry at the mention of his name.  So vicious - the alliance and the horde would stay clear away from him.  There he was walking towards me, an evil purple aura seeping out between his clenched teeth.  His eyes joyful at the anticipation of torture.  A predator stalking his prey.

I ran.

I ran.  Screw the blue orb, screw being rich.  A dead murloc was a dead murloc.  Grabbing Sue tightly, who had become pale with fright, I blindly ran away from Pale Blue.  I ran and ran, not looking behind - not knowing where to go.  I could hear the joyful glee of the blue orb resonating throughout the cave.  I ran in terror.  I ran for my life.

All I could remember was that Sue kept whispering into my ears - directing me out of the cave - keeping me alive, once again.
I realize now - the blue orb would never become my treasure.  I already had my own.  My one treasure - my true treasure.  Sue.
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