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21 Nov 2013 - upgrading smf

Hey folks,

As per Yuhwoo's insistence, I've upgraded the cms. Some stuff may not be working. Please excuse the mess as we get this sorted out. Thanks

Is that supposed to be Tequatl?!  Looks more like an awesome dinosaur - Yuhwoo
More information can be found here.

It has been gathering power in the depths.
It is faster, stronger, deadlier.
It has returned to devour and destroy.
It is called Tequatl the Sunless… and it has evolved.
But it still can't move - Yuhwoo

The Dragon Tequatl – Redefined!
Something’s gotten into Tequatl the Sunless. This ancient dragon, scourge of the Splintered Coast, has become more formidable than ever, with an arsenal of new attacks and lethal tricks at its disposal. To stop this rampaging beast, you’ll join forces with old friends and new allies in a desperate battle where failure is a very real option. Tequatl has risen – and it will take an army of players to bring it down!

“Looking For Group” Tool
We’ve added a new system to help players find others to join in on their adventures. Using our new looking for group system, you’ll be able to select the type of content you’d like to do and add in a custom description about the group you’re trying to form. Use the system alone or with friends to easily fill out your party!

New Ruins of Power in World vs. World
Big changes are coming to the eternal war in The Mists!  Each borderland map in WvW has been redesigned to include five new Ruins of Power—capture points that armies can battle over in order to earn lethal Bloodlust boosts for everyone on their server!

Bosses – Updated!
We’ve adjusted all of our bosses to make them more challenging and fun! From the Megadestroyer to Golem Mark II to the Fire Elemental, bosses in Tyria are more dangerous than ever!
Can they move, yet? - Yuhwoo

New WvW Ability: Flame Ram Mastery
Prepare to knock some gates down and set stuff on fire! Become tougher and more effective in those heated siege situations by earning ranks in the new Flame Ram Mastery ability!

Wings of the Sunless
Earn this ominous new animated back item by waging war against Tequatl the Sunless!


Super Adventure Box: Back to School

Moto is back with the next installment of his hit entertainment-education hybrid. Find him in Rata Sum and hop into his newly renovated hub map to party up and party down! This time, players will explore three sprawling zones in the Mountain World. Get ready to get wet in the rough and tumble Rapids! Learn the way of the assassin in ancient temples precariously perched on the Pain Cliffs! And prepare to be challenged while venturing through the puzzles, traps, and inclement weather of Storm Top, where players will find their toughest foe yet: the STORM WIZARD!

But for those who find all of that too easy, Moto has devised the most heinously difficult challenge the world of Tyria has ever seen. For players swimming in extra lives and continue coins, activate Tribulation Mode and try to defy Moto’s capricious and unfairly invisible instant-kill traps—but be prepared for death around every corner! Tribulation Mode will be available for both worlds, and special color variants of the Super skins await those who have the skill and tenacity to overcome.
And finally, for those who don’t enjoy jumping challenges, there’s Infantile Mode, which allows players to easily traverse Moto’s world by walking over beautiful rainbow bridges.

•   All World 1 achievements have returned, and all-new World 2 and Tribulation Mode achievements have been added.

•   Collect Bauble Bubbles to complete the blue Super skin weapon set. Gather ingredients in World 1 Tribulation Mode to create green Super skins or World 2 Tribulation Mode to create yellow Super skins.
•   Also available from Moto: Mini Moto! And keep a lookout for Princess Miya outfit pieces randomly dropped in the world. Who knows…maybe putting the pieces on Mini Moto in the Mystic Forge will make Mini Princess Miya!
•   Players can only receive rewards from dig spots and the reward chests found at the end of each zone once per account per day.

At the Gem Store
•   A new trio of minis is available: Super Yeti, Super Raccoon, and Super Banana. Combine them with a continue coin in the Mystic Forge to create the magical Mini Assassin.
•   Back by popular demand: the Super Adventure Box o’ Fun! Players can now bring the spirit of SAB with them wherever they go.
•   The Super Explosive Finisher has been upgraded to be permanent. Players can now keep the warmth of this bombastic PvP fun close to their hearts forever.
•   Tired of scrounging baubles to buy continue coins? The Infinite Continue Coin is the perfect solution. Never worry about running out of lives in SAB again!


Changes to Crafting
•   Weaponsmith, Huntsman, and Artificer can now be leveled to a rating of 500.
•   Crafting experience for all disciplines has been updated to accommodate leveling to a rating of 500. As part of this, the total amount of leveling experience that comes from leveling a crafting discipline now requires leveling all the way to a rating of 500.
•   New ascended material refinement recipes now unlock at a rating of 450.
•   Ascended inscription recipes are available for purchase at all master craftsmen and require a rating of 500 to craft.
•   Ascended weapon recipes are available for purchase at all master craftsmen and laurel vendors and require a rating of 500 to craft.
•   Crafting discoveries for exotics have been reset to allow for rediscovery that gives bonus experience and facilitates leveling to a rating of 500.
•   Some of the new crafting recipes, including those for Ectoplasm Refinement, have cooldowns that must elapse before they can be crafted again.
•   There is a new collection in the bank that holds ascended crafting materials.
•   The wood cost on crafting staff shafts has been reduced from 6 to 4.

Changes to Rewards
•   Drips of Liquid Karma from champion loot bags have been replaced with Piles of Bloodstone Dust.
•   Open world bosses, temple bosses, WvW keeps, and castles now drop Dragonite Ore in addition to their regular loot, which can only be earned once per day per location.
•   Dungeons, minidungeons, jumping puzzles, WvW camps, and towers now drop Empyreal Fragments in addition to their regular loot, which can only be earned once per day per location.
•   Daily and monthly achievement rewards now include Essence of Luck. To offset this, the amount of karma earned from daily and monthly achievements has been reduced.
•   Event failure no longer rewards karma in order to encourage players to succeed at events.
•   Liquid Karma dropped from dungeon end chests have been replaced with Empyreal Fragments.
•   Ascended weapons can now drop anywhere ascended materials or other ascended items can be found.
•   Loot dropped by the Karka Queen has been improved; she also has a chance to drop Settler’s inscriptions.
•   Sentinel’s inscriptions can now be purchased from the guild vendor.
•   Salvaging exotic items now produces Globs of Dark Matter.
•   Salvaging fine and masterwork items now produces Essence of Luck.
•   Salvaging Globs of Ectoplasm now produces Essence of Luck.

Changes to Account Magic Find
•   There is now a luck progress bar for account magic find in the Achievements panel. Consuming Essence of Luck will incrementally fill the progress bar. When the bar is filled, the player’s account bonus to magic find will be permanently increased by one percentage point.
•   All existing players have been sent mail with enough Essence of Luck to increase their account magic find to 20%.
•   Weapons, armor, and trinkets that had a magic find stat combo have been flagged as account bound and will now allow double-clicking to permanently change the stat combo. This is a one-time ability, and the options are dependent on where the item was acquired. All trading post listings for these items have been cancelled and the items returned to the poster.
•   Infinite Light, Immobulus, The Crossing, The Mad Moon, Arachnophobia, Cooguloosh, and Seasatchel will all allow their stats to be permanently chosen as a one-time ability but not become account bound.
•   All existing crafting recipes that produced items with Explorer’s stats now produce Assassin’s stats (Precision, Power, Critical Damage).
•   All existing crafting recipes that produced items with Pillager’s stats now produce Hunter’s stats (Precision, Power).
•   All existing item drops with Traveler’s stats now drop Dire stat items (Condition Damage, Toughness, Vitality).
•   The Wayfarer’s stat combo has been retired from the game and is no longer available.
•   Copper, silver, gold, and platinum doubloons now give boon duration instead of magic find.
•   Rune of the Pirate now grants power instead of magic find.
•   Rune of the Traveler now grants all stats, condition duration, boon duration, and movement speed.
•   Rune of the Noble now grants condition damage and might duration.
•   Rune of the Scavenger now grants condition damage and life steal.
•   Sigil of Luck now grants a random boon on kill.

Changes to Legendary Weapons
•   Legendary weapons now have increased stats to keep them in line with the new ascended weapons as “best in slot” items.
•   Legendary weapons now have functionality to allow their inherent stat combo to be changed to any other stat combo when out of combat.
•   The Bifrost: Updated the effects and texture to be more detailed and vibrant, enlarged the footfall effects, and added a new projectile.
•   Adjusted the position of the golden arrow on Kudzu and updated the effects on the Kudzu projectile.
•   Meteorlogicus: Updated the texture, effects, and animations; added a day/night cycle for the effects; and added a new footfall effect.
•   Frostfang now has larger, more impressive footfall effects.
•   The Juggernaut, Bolt, Incinerator, and Rodgort now have larger footfall effects.
•   Quip now has more impressive footfall effects.
•   Updated the texture and effects on The Moot.
•   Updated the effects on The Minstrel to be larger, more impressive, and more frequent.
•   Updated the pommel on Eternity and added a unique footfall effect.
•   Added a new footfall effect to The Dreamer.
•   Added a new projectile to Frenzy.
•   Added a new skill effect to Howler.
•   Updated the effects and texture on Kraitkin.


•   The amount of karma granted from consumable karma items has been increased. Karma boosts no longer affect the amount of karma gained from consumable items.
•   Training manual text descriptions have been updated to be clearer.
•   Fixed a bug with Tears of Itlaocol mini dungeon that would prevent one of the puzzle patterns from displaying.
•   Fixed an issue where the incorrect artwork would display when previewing armor that had been transmuted.
•   Fixed a bug where confirming a transfer to an overflow shard opened the currency wallet.
•   Optimizations in the audio engine have been made which reduces the issues of audio loading slowly at map load and audio drop outs during scenes involving many players and sound effects.

Living World
•   Several Clockwork creature invasion locations have been adjusted so creatures do not spawn in the terrain
•   Fixed an issue where Twisted Watchwork Portal Devices failed to work properly when the player only has one.
•   The Mystic Forge recipes for The Mad Moon, Arachnophobia, and The
Dulfy source
Guru source
Wiki source
Massively source

Based on these sources above... 3 huge changes are coming to us on September 17, 2013 (or later)

- LFG Tool
- Tequatl Rising
- WvW changes

LFG Tool

•   Categories for different in-game activities, including Living World things, dungeons and fractals at different levels and WvW maps

•   Each category will show you a list of parties looking for group from the whole region

•   Only parties with a compatible size with your own party will be displayed (e.g. if you are two players in a group, you will only see parties with 3 or less players)

Tequatl Rising

•   Tequatl has new combat mechanics

•   New reward system
     o   Intermediate foes during the event will not drop any loot
     o   Completing the event will give a reward, potentially including unique ascended weapon skins

Per Dulfy - check her site out for images and explanations.

•   Revamped Tequatl with a new set of achievements. If you complete them you get a new title called The Sunbringer.

•   All waypoints near the area are contested and it will take you around 1 minute to run back from the nearest waypoint.

•   Shockwave, can be jumped over to avoid damage, gets taller at 50% and you won’t be able to jump over it.

•   Poison puddles, make a lot of the playable spaces not useable. Hylek turrets have #3 skill that can cleanse the puddle.

•   Tequatl have Hardened Scales, which gain stacks, if too high he summons a bone wall. Hylek Turret can remove them.

•   15 minute timer on Tequatl, if you take too long he flies away.

•   If Bone Walls goes up, Tequatl becomes immune to damage and you will need to destroy it, which takes time away from the timer.

•   Tequatl takes off in the middle of the fight and you will need to defend the Megalaser and the associated batteries. Risen mobs walk to the batteries and try to explode if they reach the battery. This event lasts for 1.5 minutes but the Tequatl timer stops when this event is active.

•   When Tequatl returns, he will get shot by the Megalaser, which allow you to do increased damage to him for a small amount of time.

•   New ability past 75%, he will summon a vortex, if you get sucked into it you will appear in an underwater area and will need to swim out of it quickly or you will take constant damage.

- Leagues
- New borderland maps

Per Massively
Over on the WvW front it's much more exciting. The goosebump-raising news of the day is that the first season of WvW is to come, and as such, the team will be dividing up servers into leagues that will compete for huge rewards over a span of seven weeks. Europe will feature three leagues and North America will have four leagues two leagues, each league containing several 12 worlds (sorry for the confusion there!). The idea here is to look at recent WvW ratings and match up worlds in similar levels, with a gold league, a silver league, and so on.

As the first season progresses, each world will have a shot to earn points every week based on its standing. First place awards the most points, but your side will still get some points for lower rankings too. At the end of the season, the points will be added up and the world with the most points will get a cool trophy and a unique custom finisher. However, there will be smaller rewards doled out along the way, and even if you don't participate in WvW, you could be on the receiving end of some goodies if your server does well.

Please click on the source link above for full information.

Here are some quotes regarding the upcoming changes to Magic Find & Ascended Crafting.

In this next game update, magic find will no longer exist on gear or Upgrade Components. Instead, players will salvage Essence of Luck from Fine and Masterwork gear and from Globs of Ectoplasm . Each Essence of Luck will contribute to your Luck Bar and each time the Luck Bar is filled it adds 1% overall magic find on all of your characters permanently, to a maximum of 300%.

After this change, magic find will come only from consumables, guild buffs, and utility infusions. In order to get everyone started on this new system, all current players will receive enough luck to get to +20% magic find.

Ascended Weapon and Armor Crafting
In order to do this, you’ll need to refine Tier 6 crafting materials and craft exotics. To facilitate this process, we have reset everyone’s Exotic weapon discoveries so that you will be able to re-discover them and get that sweet XP bonus once again.

Once you hit 450, refinements will unlock for new materials, fondly referred to as Tier 7. There are two types of Tier 7 material: those refined from lower tier materials plus ectoplasm and a new reagent, and those refined from brand new materials rewarded from specific content plus Obsidian Shards and the new reagent. You’ll also note the inclusion of a cooldown timer on the Ectoplasm Refinements. Each one can be refined only once per day, per account.

Your first stop should be to the nearest Master Craftsman in your discipline to pick up the recipe for an Ascended Inscription purchased with karma, and a recipe for an Ascended weapon purchased with Laurels.

There are four basic components to any Ascended Weapon recipe: The two weapon parts (i.e., hilt and blade), an Ascended Inscription, and a Vision Crystal.

The weapon parts all follow the same pattern as their lower quality versions but use Tier 7 materials plus Crystalline Dust and the new reagent. The Ascended Inscriptions all take the exotic inscription of the stat combo you want plus Dark Matter and Crystalline Dust. Dark Matter is a new Account Bound material exclusively salvaged from Exotics.

The final piece of your Ascended Weapon is the Vision Crystal. Historians of Tyria will recognize this piece as an important part of Ascension. It is crafted with Obsidian Refined materials and skill points. Each Obsidian Refined material is found in its raw form by playing many different types of content out in the world, such as: dungeons, champion kills, mega bosses, temple bosses, jumping puzzles, Guild missions, and WvW camps, towers, keeps, and castles!

First off, crafting is not the only way to get Ascended Weapons! Anywhere you can get an Ascended Material drop or an Ascended item drop there is also a rare chance that you will get an Ascended Weapon chest that allows you to choose which weapon type you want from within a stat combo. And lastly, there is a new collection tab for Ascended Crafting materials that includes all the new materials and gives you a little peak at the additional materials coming later this year.

Item Changes

Along with Ascended weapon crafting, Legendaries will get some upgrades. Legendaries will have all of their stats increased to Ascended level and will gain the ability to change between stat combinations when out of combat.  Along with stat changes, many Legendaries will also receive some aesthetic upgrades.

Magic Find Items:
Weapons, armor and trinkets with magic find will become account bound, lose their current stats and will gain the ability to be double-clicked to select one of several stat options depending on the item.

All existing drops and crafting recipes that have created Magic Find gear will be replaced with three new combos:
•   Explorer’s recipes will be replaced with the Assassin’s stat combo (Precision, Power, Critical Damage)
•   Traveler’s drops will be replaced with the Dire Stat Combo (Condition Damage, Toughness, Vitality)
•   Pillagers recipes will be replaced with the Hunter’s stat combo (Precision, Power)

Upgrade Components that currently give Magic Find bonuses will be updated with new functionality:
•   Copper, silver, gold and platinum doubloons will give boon duration.
•   Rune of the Pirate will grant power instead of magic find.
•   Rune of the Traveler will grant all stats, condition damage, boon duration and movement speed.
•   Rune of the Noble will grant condition damage and might.
•   Rune of the Scavenger will grant condition damage and life steal.
•   Sigil of Luck will grant a random boon on kill.
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