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Bog Otter gives out tips on the recent April 15 big feature pack!

Itís almost time for WvW Spring Tournament 2014 to start! Tonight, when the weekly WvW matchups reset, the tournament will officially begin. Prepare to represent your world in the Mist War in nine weeks of epic combat!

Need a refresher on some of the changes weíve made to the tournamentís structure and rewards? Devon Carver has got you covered! Get ready to fight for honor, for your world, and for sweet rewards!

20 Mar 2014 - Feature Packs

Aww~ isn't she adorable?!

April 2014 Feature Pack
Prepare to experience Guild Wars 2 as never before! The April 2014 Feature Pack is the first release to focus exclusively on in-game features, and it's bringing in brand-new systems, improvements to existing features, balance updates, and more!

Click on the links below to obtain more information about the feature pack that is expected to be released on April 15, 2014.
Happy bday old man!

25 Dec 2013 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone on the Internets!

Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas

Some updates regarding PuV:

- Many members have stopped playing GW2, now.  However we still have a few members who are still playing.  PM ezrock if you wish to join them in WvW!

- Destinth has been playing FFXIV and has started a PuV guild.  PM him for more information!

- I, Yuhwoo, will probably be game-hopping for a little bit.  A few members and I have been playing PoE for now, and will move onto a new (free) game soon.  If you wish to game-hop with me, please let me know!  I will post what games I will be playing next when I decide to move on from PoE.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and stay healthy!
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